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  • ccss79 • 14 december 2019 03:34:09
    The brutal campaign against the Rohingya deserves all the condemnation it has received, but there is blame to go around well beyond Myanmar's borders.
  • spacasino.net • 14 december 2019 03:33:40
    Instead however, she focused on shoring up electoral support back home, where the anti-Rohingya campaign remains popular, and backed the military, often speaking in the language of conspiracy and paranoia.
  • zzy29 • 14 december 2019 03:32:06
    Few mythical figures survive intense scrutiny, and Suu Kyi perhaps more than anyone has fallen short of her public image. Her numerous flaws that were once ignored have now come to the surface.
  • dbk222 • 14 december 2019 03:31:02
    Her success in attracting international support was without par. The UK government under Tony Blair was one of her fiercest advocates, and Norway not only awarded her the Nobel Peace Prize but funded the Burmese government-in-exile and the Democratic Voice of Burma radio station. Neoconservatives in the US also embraced Suu Kyi as an example of the image of liberal democracy they claimed to want to bring to places such as Iraq.
  • yeah77 • 14 december 2019 03:30:27
    Over the next five decades of military rule, Suu Kyi emerged as a leading opposition figure, boosted by her impeccable heritage and her strong international ties.
  • betting33 • 14 december 2019 03:30:07
    "The need to keep the rebels in check made the army strong," Suu Kyi wrote in a 1985 history of the country. "Many of the top men in the army had been politicians and were inclined to interfere in the government of the country. In 1962 a group of army officers led by Ne Win, the commander-in-chief, overthrew the elected government of U Nu."
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  • winster • 1 juli 2019 14:05:06
    står att du lagt ner mycket tid för att ta alla foton. Min far var fotograf och som barn fick jag vänta mycket på de perfekta molnen.Många av dina bilder skulle bli läckra fototapeter!
  • kevi • 1 juli 2019 14:04:46
    cket snygga bilder, speciellt de från Sudd
  • josy • 1 juli 2019 14:04:26
    vem du är även om vi ej träffats. Hälsningar och
  • MB • 3 januari 2019 10:34:08
    test av funktion
  • Ulla Sundberg • 11 december 2017 11:44:25
    Vilka bilder! Jag är helt begeistrad av dessa vackra bilder. Ska tipsa om boken som presentbok. Jag har lagt till Dig i mitt släktforskar program så jag vet vem du är även om vi ej träffats. Hälsningar och God Jul från Ulla Sundberg, f Lindberg Järvträsk